2012 is the year of being "I am" living in the moment and being thankful for something each and every day. Hoping you will join us and expand this blog with your gratitude of the day and that together we will all live a much more positive and thankful life.

29 February 2012

on February 29, 2012

Today is a gift you see it only comes around every 4 years so I thought instead of my usual photo I would just leave you today with these few words of wisdom from  Dr Sue Morter and wish you all a very joyful, happy, healthy, successful and grateful day.

“Begin With the IN in Mind  

You mean the “end in mind?”  Nope!  The IN.

When we focus on the End only, we get all attached to how it’s going to look when we meet our goals, when the project comes to fruition, and when the trophy arrives.  We get convinced that this is the way it has to be.  We do whatever it takes to make it happen and we ‘try’ hard.

But have you by any chance noticed that it doesn’t really happen that way all that often?  Doesn’t turn out quite like that?   

Or doesn’t last even if it does come about?
Better to focus on the experience that you will have rather than the outcome.  Better to feel the feeling that would happen if it landed even better than you dreamt of.  That’s where the magic happens!  Better to ‘have it’ rather than ‘want it’.  Have it on the inside.  On the IN-side.

Begin your endeavor with the IN in mind so that you build a better relationship with the part of you that will actually do the manifesting in the first place. Yup – Success comes FROM you, not TO you.   

Focus in people!”   Dr Sue Morter


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