2012 is the year of being "I am" living in the moment and being thankful for something each and every day. Hoping you will join us and expand this blog with your gratitude of the day and that together we will all live a much more positive and thankful life.

2 June 2012

A sunny warm spot to catch the early morning sun, my ever faithful friend, Spud

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10 May 2012

What a great way to live life with joy, love and laughter. Give away joy, love and laughter each day to experience a life filled with all things great.

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4 May 2012

Beautiful Rangitoto Island off of Auckland just across the Pacific. The sun just breaks through with a silver sheen on the water reminding us all to be thanksful for what we have, to treasure freinds and family

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19 April 2012

Think about it, this is a wonderful quote by Brian Tracey. I am so thankful that I have the ability to read, understand and apply what is there for everyone to read and experience. It is only in growing our selves personally and becoming more altruistic that we can actually find great happiness, joy and success

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16 April 2012

How wonderful to see and experience a little boys excitment at getting his first BIG bed. The ability to share in life with family and friends brings great joy and I am ever grateful to all my family and my special friends

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15 April 2012

How best to live your life being grateful for something in each experience. Yes living in the moment yet sharing this with friends and family remembering that it is in giving freely that you receive great joy

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14 Arril 2012

What a perfect end to a perfect day, dinner at Coco’s over looking the magnificent Swan River on a gorgeous autumn evening in Perth. This is the wonderful view of the city after the sun had set. I am so thankful for this amazing life living here in Perth, West Australia

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13 April 2012

Life is all about choice and I am so THANKFUL for the ability to make a choice. No one needs to feel like an option. Life is to be lived joyfully without being an OPTION! Take control and live your life thankfully joyful!

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11 April 2012

“Friendship: A building contract you sign with laughter and break with tears”

“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never opportunity” Kahil Gibran

Today I am very thankful for all the many true friends that I have both here in Australia and spread all over the world. New friends and old friends I treasure with love and joy

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1 April 2012

There is nothing quite like celebrating love in the park, a beautiful setting for a joyful wedding. I give thanks daily for the ability to love and be loved. What would life be without “love”?

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