2012 is the year of being "I am" living in the moment and being thankful for something each and every day. Hoping you will join us and expand this blog with your gratitude of the day and that together we will all live a much more positive and thankful life.

1 June 2012

A wonderful walk along the beach off North Beach Perth, just magnificent what a joy to enjoy

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31 May 2012

At last the winter rain is here, with clouds rolling in over the ocean I am so thankful for my wonderful warm and dry home overlooking the sea

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29 May 2012

When shopping with a two and ahalf year old the shopping trolley just follows you around! Mr Independent won’t hear of you helping, how truly blessed we are┬áto share in these little lives

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26 May 2012

Who said it ain’t great being a cat! I get feed and cared for and I can lie in the sun whenever I like. I am so grateful to my ever loyal cat, Spud

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25 May 2012

If one has to work, why not work in a building on a beautiful leafy street. Taking a walk at lunchtime takes on such a different experience when surrounded by nature

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24 may 2012


Our beautiful ocean – what more can a person want, it gives such huge pleasure and joy

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23 May 2012

A speck of a star, Venus with a sliver of moon over a dark sea in Autumn. The joy of nature to be able to see and witness the moon and the sun in all its phases

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19 May 2012

Oh YES we do live in paradise with Autumn now here it was a magnificent, warm, sunny day today. Had a great walk down along the beach and lovely salad for lunch on the balcony oevr hanging the beach, what joy to be alive!

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16 May 2012

Wonderful Perth, a little piece of paradise. Today we are grateful for the ability to launch our new relocation business, helping people move and relocate with ease to Australia finding new friends new interests and a wonderful new life

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15 May 2012

Thank you Singapore air for safely bringing my bother down for a visit, a joyful time for the whole family

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