2012 is the year of being "I am" living in the moment and being thankful for something each and every day. Hoping you will join us and expand this blog with your gratitude of the day and that together we will all live a much more positive and thankful life.

5 July 2012

The joy of this special moment when we are now home and look a brand new cousin. We should all give thanks for such a beautiful moment, a family togetherness

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30 June 2012

Perfect brand new life, a big brother and a loving Dad how thankful we should all be

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15 June 2012

Welcome to the world, our latest little bundle of joy. The gift of life is gives so much joy and we are so thankful for a healthy little baby boy

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14 June 2012

The joy on this little face tells it all! I may only be 3and a 1/2mths but I am sure going to be getting up and going soon, I’m missing too much of the fun here in America. Amazing technology let’s us into the world wherever the family is

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9 may 2012

True emotion when you learn to smile you let the world know you are in a happy place. How thankful we should all be for the ability to share emotion

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25 April 2012

What an awesome priviledge to share in the joy of this little boys first train ride, such an exciting moment for him. For these special moments I am most grateful

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6 April 2012

How thankful I am to witness and share in the love of a big sister for her little brother. Pure unconditional love, care and acceptance

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28 March 2012

How blessed are we, the pure delight of a peaceful sleeping little angel, not a care in the world knowing he is loved and cared for and will not need for anything. What a huge responsibility and yet an amazing blessing

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14 March 2012

How thankful I am to be able to share in the magic of a child on the beach at sunset, such joy and happiness discovering the cool water of the Ondian ocean

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19 February 2012

The mystery of a little girl asleep with her favourite Eeyore today I am particulary grateful to all those friends around the world that share their lives with me. Friendship is truly amazing and I am deeply grateful for all my friends in particular the Tomalty family who became so much my own family and who I think of and miss daily

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