2012 is the year of being "I am" living in the moment and being thankful for something each and every day. Hoping you will join us and expand this blog with your gratitude of the day and that together we will all live a much more positive and thankful life.

31 January 2012

The wonder of a perfect Rose, as it holds it head up high, waiting for the insect to fly on by or to stop and discover. The ability to appear from a tightly formed green bud, slowly unfurling to reveal its perfect colour, a creamy pink with a stronger pink edge on each and every petal as it fully opens. My ability to not only see it develop, feel its softness, but to be able to smell it as its sweet scent is released into the air,  I am so thankful for the wonder of our senses, the beauty of our universe

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30 January 2012

Today I am so grateful for fresh air, sunshine, boats on the ocean, children in the surf, cool salty water, white beach sand and the Australian way of life. WOW how lucky are we to live in this piece of paradise. Live like you never lived before, breathe deeply and fill your heart with great JOY, PEACE AND HAPPINESS

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29 January 2012

We should all be very grateful to the boys and girls in yellow and red who regularly give up their time to patrol our glorius beaches and allow us to swim safely. Thank you Surf Lifesaving Scarborough beach.

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28 January 2012

The ability to use our imaginations, put aside all our modern technology and create our own fun down at the beach. One wonders why it is that as we grow up and become adults that we lose our ability to be creative, to live out our imagination and fulfill our wildest dreams. Certainly a wonderful gift to be thankful for, one to be cultivated throughout life as we live moment to moment expressing our JOY

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” – Brian Tracy

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27 January 2012

The end of another day in paradise. I am so grateful for the amazing ever changing view from my unit. This magnificent sunset way out over the ocean ,the sky went from pale pink to brilliant fire red, what a great view to end my day

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26 January 2012

AUSTRALIA DAY how grateful I am that Australia gave us a free new life. I am thankful to all my many Australian friends and family for sharing this magnificent country with people like us who just want a chance at freedom

OK everyone for those of you who asked here she is! The magnificent Queen Elizabeth tied up in Fremantle 1/2hr before sailing. Ain’t she great! I am so grateful for my love of boats both large and small.

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25 January 2012

The JOY of living in a city on the ocean, to be able to watch the Queen Elizabeth sail out of the harbour on her maidan voyage, to be in awe at her size and structure,even this Princess cruise ship is small in comparison, especially when seen as a small boat revs up to pass her by. I am so thankful for my ability to enter in and enjoy the sailing world so easily, oh how I love this huge big ocean that surrounds us all.

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24 January 2012

So much to be thankful for, this smile,  her first fish a result from yesterdays post, for the freedom to “be’, to walk our beautiful beaches and share in many beautiful moments

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23 January 2012

I am so thankful for being able to share in the JOY of a little girl’s first fishing experience. A pure delight to see her catch her first fish, what a wonderful world we live in.

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22 January 2012

What a morning! this the greeting I received this morning from my beloved and treasured cat, Spud. Total unconditional love and an ever inquiring mind I am so thankful to have him, my ever faithful friend

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